Wrapped in Plastic

To get to the log they found Laura next to, you have to park at the Kiana Lodge parking lot and ignore some signs which say no trespassing. I very promise that we did go find somebody and ask if we could take some pictures. It was a guy digging moss out from between paving stones on a patio so? He probably worked there. I mean… who would do that just for fun? That guy said it was totally cool.

Kiana Lodge is a venue type thing you can rent out for weddings, conferences or to shoot iconic scenes for the best TV series in history.

So anyways- back to the log. It was smaller than I was expecting (penis joke deleted).



Here’s me like I was Laura Palmer wrapped in plastic taking a selfie- only me and wrapped in an old hoodie and jeans that always fall down:


And here’s what Laura might have seen if she was able to see even though she was dead and probably couldn’t see:


Guess what? The Kiana Lodge was also used as interior shots for the Great Northern!


Are we hardcore fans now? I think so! I have started a blog with a title in which is a nod to a famous Twin Peaks character and have supplied 3 blog posts with proof that I went to these places and included some insider references! Yep! Did it!


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