Also this soup

Make this and love it:

Italian Vegetable Soup from Barefeet in the Kitchen. The link goes to a recipe that doubles the recipe in the fabulous “Weeknight Dinner Cookbook” (buy it now omg you need it if you eat food). I made it tonight with half ground beef and half Italian sausage. We ate it with crusty bread and red wine…. I also added wine to the soup…. I’m freezing half and we’ll eat it again in a few weeks. I like to think I make dinner for myself weeks in advance… OMG SO good. It’s like spaghetti sauce and veggies. Only better than that sounds. It’s awesome and also a freezer meal you actually want to eat. Great for bringing to new moms (who aren’t vegan). I say that mainly bc I would love someone to make this for me (for any reason really- I’m a mom to a four year old- does that count? It should. We should all make each other soup.).

And while I’m here- I refuse to stage my recipe pictures bc it sets up unrealistic expectations. Nobody lives in natural lighting and perfectly clean countertops 24/7. And this isn’t a food blog. And it’s my blog so I can do whatever I want!!

Also- I refuse to type up or copy/paste other people’s recipes onto my blog. Did you know that you can’t copyright a recipe? So people who write recipes are just super vulnerable to all kinds of other people copying their work and claiming it’s theirs! I will only post a recipe if its author has posted it on his or her own website already and I can link to it. Because to do otherwise is douchey. Stay classy, ppl.


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