Oh how I remember the satisfaction of filling all the pages of a blank book. I got to do it again today for the first time since college. I got interested in journaling again because I learned that David Sedaris is an avid art-diarist. I wrote this last blog post on my last blog about writing… logs… which led me to come up with the blog title and subtitle I could finally get behind. “Sincerely Imitated” was really a placeholder that I think was actually about me having imposter syndrome but that’s not what I want my whole thing to be about… I digress!

JOURNALS!! All the possibilities of great and grandiose THOUGHTS to fill the pages! The complaints and observations! The spark that will one day lead to something! SOMETHING! Oh what is that thing?

(Those are my opening lines of my musical about journals- Michael, can you get on that? Thnx)

Here are some images of the “art” part of my journal. I purchased one thing to decorate the front cover (can you guess what it is? I got it at the Salish Lodge gift shop)

Everything else was gleaned from the detritus I happened upon whilst living. In other words- I decorated with crap I found.

So…. finishing a journal means I get to start a new one!!!! Currently trying to decide if I want another blank canvas collage one or if I should go with one I was gifted… we’ll see.