What to expect when you go to Lancaster to see the poppies.

You should go visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve right now. With the rest of Los Angeles, okay, but you should still go.

There will be lots of people. They will all be taking Instagram pictures. They will fill up the entire parking lot and cause traffic. It will still be worth it to go. This was something to kick off the bucket list.


Here’s my son looking at a butterfly (out of frame). Yes- there were butterflies AND poppies.


The photographic challenge becomes trying to avoid getting other people in your shot.


This is my poppy face.


BC look! It’s the poppies that are all over the promotional materials for California!


More selfies!


More poppies!


More selfies!!


An all-around excellent St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve officially broken up with winter. We’re not a a thing anymore. #checkyalater

P.S. Lots of people got out of their cars and walked/sat among the poppies outside of the reserve (so they wouldn’t be fined). Don’t be those people. I might be a tool and go on a road trip for instagram pictures- but I’m not going to trample poppies to do it. Stay on the trails, yo.

P.P.S. I would also recommend writing out directions because you might not get reception (you def won’t if you have T-Mobile) in the middle of nowhere. Also bring water.