The Palmer House is real

The Palmer house is in Everett, WA and we were lucky enough to be welcomed in by the owner (and cast member of season 3), Mary Reber. We had a 4-year-old with us who doesn’t really pick up on Lynch’s subtle messages and dark whimsy- so I had to wrangle him outside while my husband and Mary discussed the meaning of the last episode in the kitchen where Sarah Palmer freaked us out for the first time with that phone call. It gave me a chance to take some #palmerhouseselfies

I also met this dude in Laura’s bedroom:

He didn’t show up for me downstairs though:

(Which he did for Sarah… but you know that, right? )

Did I say “spoiler alert” at the beginning of this post? I’ll say it now: spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched Twin Peaks just don’t read the Twin Peaks posts, okay? And what are you doing? Go friggin’ do yourself a favor and watch some incredible filmmaking that was once on prime time television.


I am a Twin Peaks fan

So I went on a road trip with my husband and son to see the “real” Twin Peaks. The air smelled like waterfalls and Douglas firs.


Our first stop was the Double R which, in real life, is Twede’s Cafe. Look at those beautiful foggy noon-time mountains in the background. They sell real cherry pie and damn fine coffee. Here was mine:


We drove a few blocks to a park to sit on Carl’s bench and look at the trees. I didn’t let my four-year-old run a few steps ahead of me for this one- not even for the picture.


We found the location for the Twin Peaks sign- a sign which has been put up and taken down and put up again and taken down again because of vandalism. We drove up to the spot from the other direction and when we got out of the car, we weren’t sure we were in the right place- but it became very clear when we turned around…


We stopped and listened to the wind in the trees.

Next up was Ronette’s bridge. The train tracks had been paved over.


And then it was on to the Great Northern:


…which was the Salish Lodge at Snoqualmie Falls. Maybe someday we can afford to drink Pursued by Bear wine from one of their rooms- not this time though.